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Hear the difference

Listen to the two recordings below.  One without and then with a hearing aid and our hearing loop installed:

Hearing Loss in Church

Hearing Loss in Church - Before
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The hearing loss causes speech to be muddy and reverberation smears the syllables. It's almost impossible to decipher the words. Sometimes the brain can piece together the message, but it requires extreme effort.

This track simulates a moderately-severe hearing loss (based on ISO/CD 1999 60-year-old 10th percentile of the unscreened population) inside a church with a typical amount of reverberation.

Hearing Aid with

Audio Loop in Church

Church After Hearing Loop Installed
00:00 / 00:27

Notice the difference in clarity. Now the task of listening is easy and our brain can focus on the content of the message.

This track includes both the acoustic and Loop It sound to simulate an open fit hearing aid.

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