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Case Study

Purdue’s Wilmeth Active Learning Center Needed Hearing Assistance That Matched the Innovation of the Rest of the Building

Purdue Active Learning - Classroom Image

Client: Purdue University via Primary Construction Contractor


Venue: 30 various classrooms, lecture halls, and theaters throughout the new building

Challenge: The number of rooms that needed hearing loop systems integrated produced various challenges ranging from construction coordination, various installation techniques, and significant room-to-room spill control.


Solution: Early in the process Thunder Hearing & Sound recommended different installation methods than was originally planned. The new plan better fit the needs of each space and the construction schedule. The new plan involved many rooms with a slot cutting approach after the concrete was placed, while some rooms had wires embedded into the concrete. The number of rooms receiving hearing loops in such close proximity to each other proposed a great challenge. While the hearing loop amplifier manufacture provided wire placement designs for each of the rooms, Thunder Hearing & Sound needed to use their experience to adjust these designs for each room in order to balance the coverage area and spill control.

Purdue Active Learning - Classroom Image
Purdue Active Learning - Classroom Image

Results: Thunder Hearing and Sound successfully handled this multi-year project and was able to adjust the system designs for each room to achieve the best possible balance between in-room signal levels and room-to-room spill control, ensuring the best outcome for students and other users of each system. 

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