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Offering self installed kit options or full-service installed packages. Contact us or check out our shop for more information. All intercom systems offering free shipping through the end of 2020.

Speech transmission or intercom systems are becoming more and more popular as facilities try to maintain a safe environment for staff and patrons alike. With the current reality of mask wearing, social distancing and protective barriers, the speech understanding levels have been greatly hindered for many. We offer a variety of speech transmission systems/intercom systems to meet your needs and budget. Many model options also already include a hearing loop or have the optional add-on of a hearing loop. The great part of adding a hearing loop system means even after barriers and masks aren't needed, your accessibility to the hearing impaired will still remain.

  • Library Help Stations

  • Retirement Community Visitation Stations

  • Ticket Counters

  • Bank Teller Stations

  • Retail Check-Out/Customer Service 

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