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Ampetronic R1 LoopWorks Testing Device, when paired with an Apple device, allows you to perform your own hearing loop system regular assessments to ensure your settings remain within the IEC standards.


Includes: R1 Unit and Case

Ampetronic R1 Testing Device

  • The R1 Receiver is a high quality audio induction loop receiver with a vertically mounted pick up coil designed to be used in conjunction with the Loopworks Measure App. The Loopworks Measure App and R1 Receiver together become the most accurate, dedicated field strength meter (FSM) currently available.


    • Calibration performed using μP device, which is not operational during measurement

    • Frequency response (±0.25 dB 50Hz to 8kHz), app brick wall filter beyond 10kHz

    • RMS detection with 125ms (F) integration time constant provided by host device and App

    • Power supply dependent on operation mode: either energy harvested host device audio output or derived from host device mic bias

    • Assessment of any system to IEC60118-4

    • 1 year warranty.

      Applications include

      • Simple meter mode when not signed into Loopworks, tests: field strength, frequency response and background noise.

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