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Our basic hearing loop receiver to be used to pick up sound within a looped area when the user doesn't have a t-coil in their hearing instrument or doesn't wear a hearing instrument. **Recommend ordering add-on headphones.

Basic Hearing Loop Receiver

  • Loop Receiver

    The LR-IL-1 is a high quality audio hearing loop receiver which allows a non-hearing aid user to listen to the audio that is being produced by the Hearing Loop system. The receiver also provides a visual as well as auditory confirmation allowing for facility managers and system installers to check system performance.


    • Allows the user without a hearing aid to listen to hearing loop system using a pair of headphones.

    • Essential for installers, venue managers and event organizers to check the induction loop system is working.


    One (1) Hearing Loop Receiver with Lanyard

    One (1) High Capacity 9V Alkaline Battery


    Architectural Specification:

    The hearing loop receiver shall have a 3.5mm audio connector for connecting an ear speaker or headphones. The receiver shall have a turn knob for controlling On/Off and volume. It shall be powered off of a high capacity alkaline 9V battery. The receiver shall include a lanyard. 

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