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Portable Info Loop Kit. Kit includes portable loop, power supply and options of added microphone (M300 long gooseneck or M73 short gooseness or PL30 boundary)

Portable InfoLoop Kit

$382.00 Regular Price
$356.00Sale Price
  • Portable InfoLoop

    The Contacta Portable InfoLoop (PIL) is a mobile desktop hearing loop system. The portability of the unit makes it very accessible for users in diverse situations. 

    The PIL can be moved between rooms, as required, and can be used in smaller rooms where conversation between two people takes place. 

    The PIL incorporates an internal microphone, amplifier, hearing loop aerial and rechargeable battery system.

    M300 Microphone

     The M300 is a cardioid microphone that instinctively filters background noise, isolating the voice of the speaker. The weighted base and flexible gooseneck stem make the microphone ideal for counter, booth, or desk locations.

    The M300 is compatible with the counter loop systems and the Portable Info Loop (PIL). 

    The M300 MB2 model has a stereo 1/8” jack in the base to increase customization in its use.

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