The STS-K070-072 systems are an entry level speech transfer systems providing high quality sound across partitions and safety screens, featuring staff-side speaker and microphone pods which can be either free-standing or surface-mounted. Open duplex amplifier and customer-side glass mounted microphone are included.  


Contacta speech transfer systems enable clear voice communication between customers and service staff through partitions and safety screens. Transactions can therefore be conducted safely and efficiently - without difficulty or delay - even in noisy environments. So business throughput and profitability can be maximised - and customer safety enhanced. 

In use, it is hands-free for both staff and customer, and is designed to remain 'ON' continuously during service hours. Communication is fully 'duplex' so there is no clipping of speech. 

To provide communication assistance for users of hearing aids, the STS-K072 speech transfer system features an integrated induction loop facility which helps to support compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. For the STS-K070, K071 and K072 models have a basic model option or an option to add the hearing loop component.

This system is ideal for for use where one-to-one communication takes place through a safety screen such as:

  • Nursing/Care Homes
  • Hospitals/Health Clinics/Surgeries
  • Reception Counters
  • Banks
  • Retail Stores

Speech Transmission K070-072

$817.00 Regular Price
$766.00Sale Price
Bundle Options
  • STS-K070* included speech transfer driver, customer mouse microphone, customer speaker pod and staff loudspeaker pod.

    *Kit does not include hearing loop aerial but one may be purchased seperately.


    STS-K071* Speech Transfer Driver, Customer and Staff Mouse Microphones and customer and staff speaker pods

    *Kit does not include hearing loop aerial but one may be purchased seperately.


    STS-K072* Speech Transfer Driver, customer screen mounted microphone with bent stem, customer speaker pod and staff loudspeaker pod

    *Kit does not include hearing loop aerial but one may be purchased seperately

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