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How to Promote Your Hearing Loop

Hi, Megan Thunder here from Thunder Hearing & Sound. And today we're going to talk about how you promote your Hearing Loop system. You've put in a lot of money to get a newly installed system or a system that you've had for a while. And you're wondering how do I get people to use it? How do they know that I have it? Because the great thing about Hearing Loops is that they are invisible.

Signage is key

So today we're going to talk about some of the steps that you can take to ensure that your regular patrons and any other visitors know what you offer. The first thing is signage. Now, all of the systems that Thunder Hearing & Sound installs, we provide, at a minimum, four signs to put out, ADA compliance usually regulates or suggest that you place it around the entryway into the space that is looped. We have wall mount signs, and our new standard includes metal signs that are either in a silver or a gold tone. Another thing to consider is our static cling. If you have doors leading into this space that have windows, these are a great option. They cling either on the front or the backside, either way, and they will last you a nice long time as well as look really, really nice.

Add Loop Information to Website & Social Media

Another huge benefit to promoting your Hearing Loop is notating it on your website. Utilizing the ADA's standard compliant image which we provide you upon installation completion. We highly recommend on the bottom of your homepage to show this image. A step up from that, we even recommend considering adding an accessibility tab on your website, where you can list all of your accessible options. Where ramps may be, if there are specific bathrooms, things like that to help notify your visitors of the accessibility that you offer. We do work a lot with house of worship or other places that might send out regular newsletters or weekly bulletins. Especially right after your initial installation, we recommend putting in a little blurb. We have a couple of sample templates that we provide upon installation completion that you can use, or you can create your own to fit your needs. But we recommend including that along with the image, of the ADA image for having a Hearing Loop. We recommend including that for at least several releases of your bulletins or your newsletters.

Train Staff & Volunteers

Another keyway to ensure a smooth transition and use of the system is have your staff and your volunteers trained. We provide a training video that talks about how the hearing loop system works and how people can use it, the several different ways people can access it. You can find that on our website quite easily in our blog section, or we also will include a copy to the point of contact upon installation completion that you can show to any of your staff and volunteers. Ensuring that they know how the system works and where to find receivers and things in that nature are going to make it a much simpler and easy transition for your visitors.

Use Informational Handouts

Another thing that we provide upon installation completion is a stack of how-to-use a Hearing Loop postcards.

A lot of house of worship will place these at the end of the pews or at an informational desk out in their narthex or any group meeting areas. It makes it easy if anybody is curious after seeing the signage on how it works. The postcards give a very simple how to get people better access to the system.

Get Local Publicity

Lastly, once an installation has been completed, we highly recommend getting some publicity on it. Whether you have it notated in a local newspaper or a website somewhere that tells people the new offering of the accessible Hearing Loop system that you're offering to improve the listening experience. That wraps it up for today. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at 566-7488, or you can always check out our website ( At our shop, we offer the postcards, the signage, and some of the additional materials that are helpful. We hope that these will be helpful in promoting your new Hearing Loop and helping you guys expand the number of users that you're getting.

Additional ways to increase awareness

***Added, but not included in our blog video. Another great way to get visitors and potential regular patrons to learn about your system is to link our “How to Use a Hearing Loop” video from our website on your website in your section notating the hearing loop system. This allows potential users to learn more before they visit your facility and check with their hearing care provider if their t-coil setting is activated.


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